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5 Screen-Free Ways to Spend More Time With Your Family

children and parents having fun outdoors away from their screens.

(StatePoint) Looking to spend more quality time with your family? Check out these five ways to put down the devices and get active.

(StatePoint) Looking to spend more quality time with your family? Check out these five ways to put down the devices and get active.

  1. Upgraded outdoor games: Give outdoor play an upgrade with KidiGo NexTag from VTech, designed for ages 5 and up. Way more than just tag, it’s a high-tech spin on 20 different backyard games including capture the flag, freeze tag and hide-and-seek. To play, all you need are the four included electronic units and adjustable arm bands. A friendly voice explains the quick and easy-to-learn rules and no referee is required -- the game lets you know who got tagged, who’s safe and who’s it. With single- and multi-player options, the whole family can get in on the fun, especially when you combine two systems. Play indoors or out with a 135-foot range between units. All you have to do is press the big button and tag, you’re it!
  2. Kitchen assistance: Introduce adults and kids alike to the fundamentals of baking with a family-friendly baking kit subscription. Each month, a new kit is mailed to your home with recipes, activity booklets and all the ingredients needed to create something delicious.
  3. Swim time: The weather may be frightful, but that’s no reason why your family can’t enjoy a delightful day at the pool. Get a day pass to an indoor aquatic center or water park. For families with young children, look for a facility that offers splash pads and swim lessons. For those with older kids who are already proficient swimmers, check for amenities like water slides and wave pools. Want to take it a step further? Sign up for an indoor pool membership until summer returns.
  4. Inspiration: Give your family all the ideas and inspiration it needs to beat boredom, create new traditions and make memories with “The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition.” This journal offers 50 adventures in different categories, along with space to share thoughts and photos about each experience.
  5. Board--not bored: Encourage some good old fashioned family fun with board games. From chess and checkers to modern classics to the latest trendy games, this is a surefire way to engage family members of all ages.

Posted in StatePoint Media | 01/16/2023

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