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More than just fresh air, time spent outdoors has the power to boost physical and emotional strength

Family hiking along a river

BPT) - Whether you're taking a stroll in a local park or ambitiously hiking a new trail, being outdoors helps you feel more grounded and connected to nature.

(BPT) - Whether you're taking a stroll in a local park or ambitiously hiking a new trail, being outdoors helps you feel more grounded and connected to nature. But you may not realize the numerous physical and mental benefits that time spent outdoors has on the human body.

Mother Nature has a profound positive impact on people of all ages, but especially kids. Children's natural curiosity makes the outdoors a place with endless possibilities. It's where imaginations can take flight, they can observe biodiversity and learn more about their world around them, not to mention, move their bodies and breathe in some fresh air.

With an increasing number of popular TV shows focusing on different aspects of being outdoors — from travel spotlights to survival skills — more children than ever are inspired to get outside and explore. For 14-year-old Cameron, no one excited him more about the outdoors than adventurer and TV star Bear Grylls. However, because he has a critical illness that required a kidney transplant, Cameron was not always able to do as many things outdoors as he'd like.

Following the launch of their new batteries with Power Boost Ingredients, and with a strong desire to inspire kids about the importance of spending time outdoors, America's most trusted battery brand, Duracell, joined forces with Bear Grylls and Make-A-Wish® to grant a dozen wishes this past summer for kids across the country, including Cameron and wish kids like him.

Through this unique collaboration, Duracell and Make-A-Wish were able to power some incredible outdoor wishes as a life-changing source of hope for wish kids and their families. To learn more and see Cameron's story, visit

Be inspired by these strong kids who have a passion for the outdoors and plan your next adventure with your family. Remember to stock up on Duracell batteries with Power Boost Ingredients, designed to help you get the most out of the moments that matter — so regardless of the outdoor adventure you choose, your devices stay powered to keep the fun going. Here are some outdoor ideas that you can do any time of year with your family:

  1. Visit a hiking trail you've never been to before, or try an evening hike and bring along a headlamp or flashlight to guide the way.
  2. Explore free outdoor programs in your community at parks and nature centers.
  3. Learn about astronomy and head outdoors at night to observe the stars.
  4. Try your hand at geocaching, where you use a free app on your mobile device to find hidden spots.
  5. Organize a game of backyard flashlight tag with family, friends and neighbors.
  6. Try a new outdoor activity you haven't done yet, especially in the winter months, like skating, snowshoeing or skiing.
  7. Go outside and talk about how nature impacts the different senses — How does it feel, taste, sound, etc.?
  8. Have a picnic outdoors! Or even try eating outside in the evening with flashlights and headlamps for extra fun.
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