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5 Tips and trends for successful dating in 2023

Are you currently dating or thinking about dating in the new year? You’re not alone, as global research from women-first dating and social networking app Bumble has found that 70% of those surveyed worldwide say they feel positive about the romance ahead.

(BPT) - Are you currently dating or thinking about dating in the new year? You’re not alone, as global research from women-first dating and social networking app Bumble has found that 70% of those surveyed worldwide say they feel positive about the romance ahead.1

The survey also revealed how dating expectations have changed over the past year. "During the pandemic, people had to throw out their blueprint of who and how they date," said Shan Boodram, Bumble's Sex and Relationships Expert. "In 2023, I’m excited to see how the trends evolve as daters continue to lead their search for romantic connections with curiosity and acceptance.”

When it comes to dating in 2023, Bumble suggests we should expect …

1. Open casting: It's time to do away with the tall, dark and handsome requirements. Unlike ‘typecasting,’ which narrows the search for our physical "type," more than 1 in 3 (38%) respondents worldwide are now ‘open casting’ — i.e., dating beyond their type.

2. Love-life balance: There’s been a significant shift in how we think about and value work. Gone are the days when job titles and demanding workdays are seen as status symbols. More than half of respondents worldwide (52%) are actively creating more space for breaks and rest, and more than 1 in 10 (13%) will no longer date someone with a very demanding job.

3. Wanderlove: With many people now working remotely, this flexibility in location has also broadened who and where people date, with 1 in 3 (33%) global respondents saying that they are now more open to travel and relationships with people who are not in their current city.

4. Cash-candid dating: The rising cost of living has led to more honest and open conversations about money and dating, with 1 in 4 (28%) global respondents setting financial boundaries for their dating lives. This doesn't mean that people are dating any less, but rather that they’re changing how they date, with a majority (57%) sharing that they are more interested in casual dates than something fancy or expensive.

Below are some tried-and-true tips as you’re preparing to date ahead of the new year and into Dating Sunday, also known as the first Sunday in the year and typically the busiest day for the online dating industry. "Whether you're new to online dating or a seasoned veteran and your profile just needs a refresh, these tips can help enhance your profile, all while representing your authentic self," says Boodram.

  • Make your first photo stand out. The best images are recent and also show a slice of your life; if your dog is the center of your world, include a cute snap of you and the pup. Eye contact can also foster the feeling of connection and establish a sense of trust, so show off your smile, your eyes (without sunglasses), and your whole face (without a filter).
  • Get specific about yourself. In your bio, try highlighting aspects of your life that make you stand out. If you like to cook, what’s your favorite dish to make? Give specific examples or anecdotes to set yourself apart from other daters, and use these details to create a more colorful narrative of what you’re like.
  • When connecting with others, “positivity” and “empathy” go a long way when dating. In fact, data shows that these two are the most important traits for Bumble members worldwide according to those who adopted the “Values and Traits” Interest Badge on the app in 2022.2

If you're looking for love in the new year, download the Bumble app and take advantage of its many features, including Profile Prompts, Interest Badges and Profile Badges. The app recently launched a suite of features to help its community connect in meaningful ways. With these new features, you can now recommend a profile to a friend directly within the app, or send a compliment on part of someone’s profile before kicking off a potential conversation.

For more data-driven tips, expert advice, and resources to help guide your dating journey in 2023, visit

1 Unless otherwise noted, research was conducted by Bumble using internal polling between Oct. 12-Nov. 1, 2022, with a sample of 14,300 Bumble users around the world, including the United States.

2 Based on proprietary insights from the Bumble app.

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